2019 – Summer

The team James Ay, came to visit me at my tower, my studio this summer. We had a great conversations about life, and how important it is to live it!

See my story here.


2018 – October

Rakel Karlsdóttir is back at her studio in Copenhagen from adventure traveling in USA. She brings stories, inspirations, new knowledge to her studio and her beautiful tower that has been waiting for her return.


2018 – June

Rakel Karlsdóttir travels to USA for couple of months for one of her adventure traveling – flying driving and riding….

travel to usa.jpg

2018 – April

Rakel Karls Studio moves to a new place in Copenhagen. It is not just an ordinary place, Rakel Karls Studio is moving into it’s own tower!

The new address is Kronprinsesse Sofies Vej 35, 2000 Frederiksberg, DK. – Look forward to have you all for visit at this amazing place.


2017 – October

Rakel Karlsdóttir did an interview for the Icelandic newspaper “Morgunblaðið” by Baldur Arnarson. Talking about the past, present and the future.



2017 – September

Here are the result of a very successful evening with a great people that came to be a part of the focus group for the area Vogabyggð in Reykjavík, Iceland.


A interview with Rakel Karlsdóttir regarding our proposal for one of the plots in Vogabyggð.


2017 – September

The company Festir is gathering people together for a focus group to discuss ways to increase life value for the future residents and community in the area of Vogabyggð.

Rakel Karlsdóttir will be in Reykjavík, Iceland, on the 26th of September to present the Concept Design of Vogabyggð Plot 1-3 for the focus group, and be part of an active discussion of what the people of Reykjavík desire as their city develops.


2017 – July

Restaurant Barr has now officially taken over Noma’s old space, Strandgade 93, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Screenshot (5)

2017 – July

Rakel Karls in Wallpaper with the Barr Stool!

An article appeared in the magazine Wallpaper about the new Restaurant Barr, where the Barr Stool, among other beautiful designs made specifically for the restaurant were featured.